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Tattoos by Emily (Guest Artist)

***We have moved 5 miles east, to the
Crestwood Festival Center, Birmingham, AL

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05/25/2022:  Emily has moved out of state but will return to Cloud 9 from time to time to serve her local clients during guest spots.

Note: Please carefully review our new Appointments & COVID-19 Protocol before setting up your appointment for a consultation or a tattoo. We will need a detailed email to facilitate the process (see appointment details).  18+ years of age only- No Minors, sorry.

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Tattoo Pricing -
We cannot give price quotes for tattoos or schedule tattoo appointments without having a thorough understanding of what you want. This cannot be done by telephone. In most cases this will require a consultation (in person) but sometimes may be achieved via a well detailed email (see below). Tattoo consultations and tattoos are available by appointment only. Sorry, we cannot accept walk-ins.

Tattoo Consultations & Appointments -
Tattoo consultations and other services are available by appointments only. Sorry, we cannot accept walk-ins during the COVID-19 pandemic. NO MINOR TATTOOS.
To schedule a free 30 minute tattoo consultation, please send the following information by email to CLOUD 9 ARTWORK at G M A I L  dot COM. Feel free to call us at 205.458.9998 (ext. 2) if you have questions that are not addressed on the website.
Please make sure your email contains the following:
1.  your full name
2.  phone number
3.  photo(s) of any art reference you have
4.  photo(s) of your body where you'd like to place the new tattoo. If you are interested in a coverup please send clear photos of what you want to cover.)
5.  description of what you want including color versus black and grey, size (approximate dimensions width x height), location on the body (ex. left inner forearm), etc.
6.  photos of any tattoos in that area that we will need to work around or any scars that you wish to be tattooed over
7.  best days/times for you to come in (Keep in mind we are closed every Tues/Wed.)
If the artist has availability they may be able to do a very small/simple tattoo the same day as your consultation but this is not common or promised. Typically, we will need to meet you in person for a consultation.
If the artist does not have sufficient time to prepare your artwork and execute your tattoo on the same day as your consultation you will be asked to set up an appointment to get your tattoo at a later date. Tattoo appointments are set up, in person, by our artists after meeting you, thoroughly discussing your ideas and looking at the area in which you want to put your new tattoo. We may also need to take careful measurements and photographs in order to prepare your artwork to fit the space properly. For these reasons, and many others, we cannot do consultations, give quotes or set up appointments by phone or messaging.

We require masks. You may bring an adult friend or family member but they must stay in the lobby while you are receiving your tattoo service. Minors are not permitted in the studio.
Tattoo consultations are free however tattoo service appointments require a minimum $100 non-refundable retainer/deposit to secure your appointment time. Longer scheduled sessions may require a larger deposit. When a client books an appointment we reserve that time slot just for you. This deposit is a retainer to ensure that you show up as scheduled. We do not want to lose valuable business opportunity during your appointment slot if you do not come for your appointment . Because we do work by appointments, it is not easy to squeeze someone else in at last minute if you don't cancel with sufficient notice (at least 24 hours). If you don't show or fail to give us at least 24 hours notice you will lose your deposit. Any further appointment would require a new deposit.
The deposit is applied to the price of your tattoo. For example, if you are quoted $350 for your tattoo and put down a $100 deposit we will need to collect the remaining $250 on the day of your tattoo. If you change your design the price may change. Drawing your tattoo before your appointment takes time. Last minute changes, if significant, may require rescheduling and potential loss of your deposit. Therefore, if you want to make changes you need to give the artist at least 24 hours notice.
We can accept your deposit in person or over the phone or we can send you a link to pay online. Late notice cancellations or rescheduling significantly impact our artist's ability to make a living. For this reason, cancellations or rescheduling less than 24 hours in advance will result in loss of your deposit. If you decide to book a new appointment you will need to make a new deposit.

State law requires that you present your original government issued ID for any tattoos or piercings each time you visit for service (driver's license, non-drivers ID, passport, military ID). We will need to copy both sides of  your ID. We do not keep your documents on file for future use and we are required to verify your ID each time you are tattooed. If you don't bring your ID we cannot tattoo you and you will lose your deposit.

Please see our FAQ​ page for general information related to getting a tattoo or piercing at Cloud 9.

***We have moved 5 miles east, to the Crestwood Festival Center, Birmingham, AL.***




7001 Crestwood Blvd


Birmingham, AL 35210

Phone: 205.458.9998



Appointments and MASKS required. 

18+ years of age or older

Thursday - Monday

(studio is closed Tue & Wed)

By Appointment only. Sorry, no walk-ins.


Thanks for submitting!

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