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Piercing Appointments & Pricing

***We moved 5 miles east, to the
Crestwood Festival Center, Birmingham, AL.***

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Note: Please carefully review our new Appointments & COVID-19 Protocol before booking your body piercing or jewelry appointment.

MINOR update 07/01/2022 - We are now offering limited piercings to minors with age restrictions. You can find general details on our FAQ page including list of minor piercings offered, age requirements, documents and forms of identification required by Alabama state law.   

Masks required and provided during the piercing process.


We require appointments for all piercing related services, even jewelry purchases, downsizing jewelry posts, and consultations. All of our clients deserve enough time to peruse our large jewelry selection and have our team help find them the find the right fit, gauge, and length of jewelry for their piercing. Often our clients will require assistance installing their new jewelry into existing piercings as well. 


Piercing prices and details can be found on the online appointment scheduler. Jewelry is not included in most piercing fees and we do not use outside jewelry for initial piercings. We have a very large selection of fine body jewelry for your selection including solid gold, rose gold, white gold, with or without genuine gemstones as well as implant grade titanium and niobium. 

All appointments are scheduled online by the client and will require that you enter your credit or debit card into the secure Square scheduling platform. We do not schedule appointments by telephone. Pricing and details are noted for each individual piercing currently offered at Cloud 9.

Once you enter the online appointment scheduler, click on "MORE" for each service you are interested in and be sure to read the details so there will be no surprises when you arrive for your appointment. For example, prices for the most basic jewelry options for each piercing are noted. For example, earlobe jewelry starts at $40 per decorative implant grade, threadless titanium stud (or $80 per pair plus sales tax). While these basics may start around $40, you will also find beautiful upgraded options such as solid gold jewelry with genuine diamonds, amethyst, jade, moonstone, ruby, garnet, topaz, sapphire, carnelian, opals, tigers eye, onyx and more (upgraded jewelry prices vary).


1. Masks will be required while our clients are being served in the piercing and tattoo procedure rooms. We will happily provide a disposable mask if you don’t have one. Our piercer and tattoo artist will also wear masks during your procedure.

​2. Appointments only – We are primarily appointment only but often have same day appointments available for piercings or body jewelry shopping. Appointments allow us to give our clients the time and undivided attention that they expect and deserve while perusing our large selection of high quality body jewelry. Wait time is significantly reduced thereby allowing our clients to plan the rest of their day.

Piercing and jewelry appointments should be scheduled online. Pre-payment for the service fee will be collected to ensure that you show up for your appointment time. Jewelry is additional unless otherwise stated. Please do not bring your own jewelry with you for a fresh piercing.


We only use never-worn, high quality implant grade jewelry (compliant with the Association of Professional Piercers guidelines) purchased from our studio for initial piercings. We will not use any previously worn jewelry or new jewelry purchased elsewhere because we cannot verify or guarantee its metal purity, quality and condition.

The price of jewelry varies widely depending on what is chosen. Most basic implant grade titanium starter jewelry compliant with the Association for Professional Piercers guidelines will start around $40-45 per piece depending on the piercing. Studs start at $40 each (or $80 per pair) plus tax. We also carry 14kt solid gold (yellow, white and rose gold) with semi-precious and precious stones such as diamonds, jade, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, opal, moonstone, chryoprase, garnet, etc.

Tattoo and tattoo consultation appointments are scheduled via email or messaging to the artist. You can contact the tattoo artist through their portfolio page on this website.

3. Please be on time for your appointment – Being too early or late will make it difficult to serve other clients as they have been scheduled. If you are more than 10 minutes late we will be unable to provide service during your appointment time and you will lose your deposit or pre-payment. If you foresee that you will be unable to make it for your scheduled appointment you are welcome to self-reschedule your piercing/jewelry shopping appointment up to four hours prior to your appointment time. To reschedule your piercing/jewelry appointment just click the link you received by text or email when you first set up your appointment. Please see piercing/jewelry service pre-payment and tattoo deposit details below.

4. Restrictions on Nose and Oral piercings and jewelry changes (updated 09/13/2022)  We are currently offering the following nose/oral piercings: nostril, lip, philtrum/Medusa, Monroe, labret, vertical labret.

We are NOT currently offering: septum/”bullring”, dermals, surface bars, smiley, frowney, cheeks or any piercing on the tongue or tongue web. If you don’t see a piercing listed as an option on our online appointment scheduler it means that we are not offering it at this time. This may be unrelated to COVID. For example, we do not offer tongue "snake eyes"/"frog eyes" due to the high risk of permanent damage these piercings may cause to the tongue, jaw bone, teeth and soft palate. Our piercer is not able to offer septum/bullring piercings at this time due to a back injury.


COVID related supply chain issues have affected high quality body jewelry manufacturing as well. Some of our jewelry manufacturers are running about 6 months behind in processing orders due to this. If we do not have the appropriate implant grade jewelry required for a particular piercing in stock we will not offer the piercing until we do. Feel free to give us a call if you have any question.

If you are getting one of the piercings “under the mask” (nose or mouth) that we are currently offering we will require the following:

A. Negative COVID test from an approved facility such as Walgreens or a local clinic. Test should have been done at a testing facility such as clinic, Walgreens, etc. within 24 hours of your piercing or jewelry change appointment.  We do not accept home test results.


B. Proof of COVID vaccination using Moderna or Pfizer. Second dose of the vaccine series should have been received at least 14 days prior to your piercing or jewelry appointment. 

At times when COVID case rates rise to particularly high levels we may decide to temporarily halt nose and oral piercings for awhile. If the piercing option is currently listed on our online appointment scheduler it means that we are currently offering that service. If the option is not listed we have temporarily halted that service again. Please read the information section when booking your service to be sure you meet the requirements and come prepared with proof of vaccination, lab test results, etc.

5. Only one person in the tattoo or piercing room with the artist/piercer.  You will not be able to bring a companion into the tattoo or piercing room with you to keep you company however they may wait in the lobby (adults only though). Minors being pierced must have their consenting parent present in the piercing room. Please do not bring children to the studio unless they have a piercing appointment. 


6. MINOR update 07/01/2022 - We are now offering limited piercing services to minors with age restrictions (no minor tattoos). You can find general details on our FAQ page including list of minor piercings offered, age requirements, and forms of identification required by Alabama state law. 

We will have only person per artist or piercer in the procedure rooms. Minors must have their biological parent or legal guardian present at all times. Children are permitted in the piercing room only if they are the one being pierced. Please do not bring infants or children (that are not being pierced) to the studio because they will not be able to enter the building. If you bring children with you to an appointment and we cannot pierce or tattoo you due to that you will lose your pre-payment or deposit.​


Minor Piercings Offered:

Under age 15:

Earlobes ages 7-11, please contact the piercer directly through our social media or email to make arrangements

Earlobes ages 12-17, schedule online


Ages 15-17 (schedule online):










7. Please be respectful and stay home if you are feeling unwell or may have been exposed to COVID-19, strep or the flu within the last 7 days – Nobody wants to get sick. Regardless if you think you have COVID or something else, please do not visit the studio if you are feeling unwell including stuffy nose, sniffling, sneezing, sore throat, feverish, coughing, congestion, difficulty breathing, nausea, etc. If you suspect that you have been exposed within the last week we ask that you schedule your appointment for a later date even if you are feeling perfectly normal. ​It is difficult to heal a new piercing or tattoo if you are sick so please give yourself a few weeks to recover before scheduling your appointment.


​8. We will check your temperature with an infrared touch-less thermometer -  If you are running a fever of 99.8 degrees Fahrenheit or higher we will need to reschedule your appointment. Even if you do not have COVID, if you are running a fever it is not a good time to get a piercing or tattoo as your body will be immune compromised. Our staff will also have their temperatures checked at the beginning of their shift.


9. We will screen and monitor our clients for symptoms - If you show any signs of being sick we will need to reschedule your appointment for a later date. Please understand that this is not personal; we are practicing diligence in order to protect the health of everyone entering our business including our hardworking staff and their families. If any of our staff are experiencing symptoms they will stay home and if we have an exposure the studio will quarantine and get tested as appropriate.

If you are on a computer but prefer to schedule using your smart phone or tablet, scan this QR code with the camera on your mobile device and you will be directed to the mobile appointment scheduling app.

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