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Piercings by Karri (she/her)

***We have moved 5 miles east, to the
Crestwood Festival Center, Birmingham, AL

Karri is our Head Piercer and has been piercing since 2004.  For adults 18 and over she performs all the ear, facial and torso piercings currently offered at Cloud 9 (except septum piercings). She also offers adult nipple and genital piercings.  

MINOR piercings (under age 18 years)  For minors ages 15-17, Karri offers select ear and facial piercings as indicated on our online appointment scheduler. She also pierces earlobes of young people ages 7-14 YEARS. Please visit the 
FAQ page for a list of minor piercings offered, age requirements, documents required by Alabama state law. This includes a valid notarized birth certificate (not a photo or a photocopy) and IDs for both the minor AND the parent. Yes, the minor must have a photo identification. See our FAQ page for photo identification options for minors without a driver's license.   

Note: *Appointments required*
for Piercings, Downsizes & Jewelry purchases - Please read more about scheduling appointments for piercing and jewelry services under this portfolio where you will also find a link to the online scheduling service. We frequently have same-day appointments if you need to get in to see us fast.

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We require appointments for all piercing related services, including jewelry purchases, downsizing posts, retainers and consultations. We set time aside to assist each client individually with appropriate jewelry selection including finding the right fit for their anatomy, gauge, length/diameter of jewelry and often will need to assist with proper jewelry installation in existing piercings. This is why we require an appointment for all jewelry and piercing services.


Piercing prices and details can be found on the online appointment scheduler. Jewelry is not included in most piercing fees and we do not use outside jewelry for initial piercings. We have a large selection of fine body jewelry for your selection including solid gold, rose gold, white gold, with or without genuine gemstones as well as implant grade titanium and niobium. 

ll appointments are scheduled online by you, the client, and will require that you enter your credit or debit card into the secure Square scheduling platform. We do not schedule appointments by telephone. Pricing and details are noted for each individual piercing currently offered at Cloud 9.

Once you enter the online appointment scheduler, click on "MORE" for each service you are interested in and be sure to read the details so there will be no surprises when you arrive for your appointment. For example, prices for the most basic jewelry options for each piercing are noted. For example, earlobe jewelry starts at $40 per decorative implant grade threadless titanium stud (or $80 per pair plus sales tax). While these basics may start around $40, you will also find beautiful upgraded options such as solid gold jewelry with genuine diamonds, amethyst,
citrine, jade, moonstone, ruby, garnet, topaz, sapphire, carnelian, opals, rutilated quartz, tigers eye, tourmalated quartz, onyx and more (upgraded jewelry prices will vary).


Piercings that our studio does not offer at this time: tongue piercings (vertical tongue piercing, horizontal tongue piercings (frog eyes, snake eyes, scoops), surface bars, surface tragus, dermals / surface anchors.

If you are on a computer but prefer to schedule using your smart  phone or tablet, scan this QR code with the camera on your mobile device and you will be directed to the mobile appointment scheduling app.

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***We have moved 5 miles east, to the Crestwood Festival Center, Birmingham, AL.***




7001 Crestwood Blvd


Birmingham, AL 35210

Phone:   205.573.4699

Appointments required. 

Thursday - Monday

(closed Tue & Wed)

By Appointment only.


Thanks for submitting!

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